Commercial Use or Publication:

We hereby permit the unrestricted commercial use and publication of all documents, photos, film footage, audio records, logos, and graphics. This includes the use of any personal data contained within these materials, in accordance with GDPR guidelines that ensure the lawful processing of such data. No prior express authorization from us is required. Users are free to utilize agency or freelance photos (as indicated in the photo credit) and materials from third-party publications without needing direct consent from the concerned agency, publication, or individual. We also allow modifications to our copyrighted material without the need for prior approval. No proof or pre-production sample is required before use.

This version removes all restrictions and allows for the free use of materials, including commercial use and modifications. However, it’s important to consider the implications of such an open policy, especially in relation to GDPR compliance and the protection of personal data contained in the materials.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use (e.g., Academic Use):

Documents, including those containing personal data, may be copied provided that copyright and source indications are preserved, no modifications are made, and the document is copied in its entirety. This use must adhere to academic standards for citing and referencing sources, and comply with GDPR principles by ensuring personal data is protected and used lawfully.

For documents authored by our staff and published in magazines or journals, which are available on our website with the permission of the concerned publication, all rights are reserved. Permission to copy these documents must be sought from the original publication (source information is provided within these documents).

Photos, video footage, audio records, logos, and graphics, particularly those containing or relating to personal data, may not be used or copied without prior express authorization. This is in line with GDPR’s requirement for explicit consent for processing personal data. Alterations to our copyrighted material are not permitted. Permission for use must be requested from us or, where applicable, from the agency or individual concerned as indicated in the photo credit.

This revised policy ensures that the handling of copyrighted materials, especially those that may contain personal data, is in full compliance with GDPR by requiring explicit consent, ensuring transparency, and protecting the rights of individuals.

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