Grave Violation of Constitutional Rights by Ukrainian Athorities

State officials and the judiciary in Ukraine are engaging in a flagrant violation of the Constitution by failing to uphold the unequivocal mandates of Article 22, which solemnly guarantees the inviolability of constitutional rights and freedoms. This article explicitly states that no new law or amendment can curtail the breadth and depth of the existing rights and liberties afforded to Ukrainian citizens.

The government’s enactment of subordinate legislative acts that diminish these rights further exacerbates this breach of constitutional duty, directly contravening the legal principle that no legislative change should ever infringe upon the established freedoms of the populace.

Current Ukrainian legislation categorically prohibits any modification to laws that would unjustly impose additional constraints on the citizens’ inherent freedom to exit the country or evade conscription during periods of mobilization, as previously delineated by law.

The situation is further aggravated by pervasive discriminatory practices sanctioned by the state, in clear violation of Part 2 of Article 64 and Article 24 of the Constitution of Ukraine. These articles enshrine the principle of equality before the law, prohibiting any form of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnic background, social status, or any other characteristic.

Despite these constitutional safeguards, Ukrainian men aged 18 to 60 and those outside the echelons of state leadership face unjust restrictions on their freedom to leave the country—a discriminatory policy that blatantly favors certain demographics over others. This discrimination not only undermines the spirit of equality enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution but also highlights a systemic failure to protect the fundamental human rights of all Ukrainian citizens, particularly in times of martial law.

This deliberate neglect and the discriminatory application of the law by Ukrainian state officials and the judiciary represent a grave assault on the rule of law and the democratic principles that form the bedrock of Ukrainian society.



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