Unlawful Discrimination in Times of Martial Law

Despite the clear directives of Part 2 of Article 64 and Article 24 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which mandate the equality of all citizens and prohibit any restrictions on constitutional rights and freedoms based on gender, social, or economic status, even during martial law, Ukrainian authorities have instituted discriminatory practices that starkly contravene these constitutional provisions.

Article 24 emphatically asserts the principle of equality before the law, explicitly forbidding any form of discrimination, including on the grounds of gender or social origin. Yet, in a blatant disregard for these constitutional safeguards, Ukrainian policies during martial law have unjustly targeted men aged 18 to 60, along with those outside the echelons of state leadership, imposing on them undue restrictions on their right to exit the country.

This selective enforcement of travel restrictions not only violates the Constitution of Ukraine but also undermines the very principles of equality and justice that form the bedrock of a democratic society. The imposition of such discriminatory measures based on gender and social status is a direct affront to the rule of law and represents a grievous breach of the fundamental rights guaranteed to every Ukrainian citizen.



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