What is Voice of Ukrainians?

In every European state, there are not only armed forces but also intelligence agencies. In the context of the modern world, it is impossible to conceal the fact of coercive retention of a nation against its will. Consequently, governments worldwide are aware of significant human rights violations in Ukraine, yet they choose not to inform their citizens about these issues.

The international community prefers not to discuss or analyze the details and legal nuances of the conflict, wherein military actions are not legally defined as warfare, leading to the infringement of the rights of the Ukrainian people for the sake of the defensive, economic, and political interests of Western nations, and the legitimization of the privatization of state property under the condition of zero competition.

According to international law principles, failure to report a crime makes a party complicit in that crime, including crimes committed by the ruling regime in Ukraine.

Ukrainians are forced to fight for their survival not only against Russia but also against the global community, which, by ignoring human rights violation facts and its direct involvement in these violations, contributes to the continuation of the conflict.

Ukrainians abroad face criticism for their non-participation in a war that has not been officially declared and face discrimination due to the privileges granted to them by other states, leading to public discontent and a negative attitude towards Ukrainians from the local population.

There are grounds to believe that the hunting on Ukrainians has already begun, and genocide may become a reality if no appropriate actions are taken. Genocide often starts not with acts of violence but with discriminatory statements in the media and by political figures, which may seem peaceful and harmless at first glance.

For any Ukrainian refugee, their legal counsel, or a foreign immigration officer, our project serves as a comprehensive guide, offering ready-to-use solutions. The preparation of the material was conducted exclusively by Ukrainian attorneys, ensuring its relevance and applicability.

Furthermore, the initiative is set to relentlessly track political speeches and media worldwide, addressing every instance of discrimination against Ukrainians with a strategic and forceful response, ensuring that no slander or biased report goes without appropriate challenge.

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